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Use Storytelling to Unlock Sales Growth.


Most of us ignore sales pitches, but we'll listen to a good story...

That's because a good story triggers chemicals in our brains that grab our attention and inspire us to take action.


 But what stories should you tell?


When you’re talking about your company, how do you determine what stories will drive sales? And how should you structure those stories for maximum impact?

That’s where Lyden Communications comes in.


Are you a CEO confronting these challenges?

  • We need to diversify to reduce risk. How can we shape our story to succeed in new markets?

  • We’ve hit a plateau. What narrative “levers” can we pull to accelerate growth?

  • We can’t find enough good people. What is our story to attract top talent and give us a recruiting advantage?

  • We’re wasting money on ineffective marketing. How can we fix our narrative to boost results?

 Improve your strategy—and story


Lyden Communications LLC is a consulting company that helps businesses boost sales through better strategy and storytelling.

We’ve developed proven frameworks for drawing out and shaping your company’s most important narratives so that your communications can break through the noise and attract the right customers.  

So, don’t settle for marketing that falls flat or gets ignored altogether; tell powerful stories that sell.